Who We Are

Alisha Griffith is currently an Audiologist ( a clinical doctor for people with hearing impairments) with the Department of Education. She is also dual certified as a state certified Speech Language Pathologist and has worked with children with various special needs for over 12 years. Alisha has also worked in the classroom as a Special Education teacher and at that time developed a passion for helping “exceptional” children. Alisha also is a proud member and first degree black belt of the Vee Arnis Jujitsu martial arts program. Alisha has a son that was diagnosed on the autistic spectrum but truly does not believe in labels or classification. she believes in recognizing each child as individuals and discovering their areas of strengths and weaknesses. Our goal as parents or therapists are to enhance and develop their strengths AND help to improve their weaknesses.

Philip Sheehy has a (MSED ) Master of Science degree in Education in School Counseling which makes him a certified school counselor and is pursuing another masters degree in early education. He is also certified in CPR/First Aid, Kettlebell Training instructor and Self Defense instructor. Philip has been training in Vee Arnis Jitsu for 13 years under Professor David James. He has obtained a 5th degree black belt in Vee Arnis Jitsu, he has been teaching children and adults of various ages for the last 7 years.


Philip has worked as an intern as a guidance counselor for Urban Assembly Academy of Arts & Letters (middle school) as well as PS 503 Elementary School. Here he ran group sessions, dealt with children on a one to one ratios, ran parent programs to assist them in relating with their children as well as created a fitness program for his time at the schools.


Philip volunteered for various programs dealing with children. He worked in an 8 week program in Long Island called Family Project Program Merrick Middle School. Within this program he taught basic self defense, basketball, and bowling to children ranging in 10-16 years of age with various disabilities (including non-ambulatory, Autistic and ADHD)