Fall Class Registration

Fall Class Registration

Title: Fall Class Registration
Location: Vee Arnis Jitsu School of Self Defense
Description: Open registration for fall 2014 classes.
Date: 2014-08-17

  • Shemella/ 06.08.2015Reply

    Hello I am a mother of three kids. I would love sign. Up my youngest one is diagnose with autism spectrum, please email back or give me call when I can come if so I can come in this weekend to try out thank u…

    • Alisha/ 14.09.2015Reply

      Hi we will be starting classes this week Thursday 5pm
      Saturday 9am
      Sunday 9am
      12:45 pm

      Please let us know which one you are interested in coming into for your first free trial.

      Any further questions please contact 6467251119 or 9173592279

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